In its new strategic roadmap, the CNIL has set five priorities up until 2021, with a view to better performing its public service mission with regard ...
Published on 10/12/2019
The CNIL takes note of the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding the right to de-referencing.
Published on 24/09/2019
The fourth edition of the CNIL-INRIA "Privacy Protection" Award starts on 29 May 2019. It will reward a scientific paper on privacy and personal data ...
Published on 02/09/2019
As part of its action plan on targeted advertisement, the CNIL has adopted guidelines on cookies and other tracking devices. These guidelines outline ...
Published on 23/07/2019
On, no more tracking devices are deposited, as long as the user has not given his active consent.
Published on 28/06/2019