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Closure of the injunction issued against MICROSOFT IRELAND OPERATIONS LIMITED

By decision of 11 May 2023, the CNIL's restricted committee closed the injunction issued on 19 ...
26 May 2023

Health data and use of cookies: DOCTISSIMO fined €380,000

The CNIL fined DOCTISSIMO €380,000 because it failed to comply with obligations under the GDPR, in...
17 May 2023

Facial recognition: the CNIL imposes a penalty payment on CLEARVIEW AI

On 13 April 2023, the CNIL decided to impose an overdue penalty payment on CLEARVIEW AI. The company...
10 May 2023

The order issued to the company FREE is closed

By decision of 20 March 2023, the CNIL closed the order issued to the company FREE on 30 November ...
18 April 2023

Geolocation of rental scooters: CITYSCOOT fined €125,000

On 16 March 2023, the CNIL imposed a fine of €125,000 on the company CITYSCOOT in particular ...
28 March 2023

Mobile games: the CNIL fined VOODOO 3 million euros

On 29 December 2022, the CNIL imposed a fine of 3 million euros on the company VOODOO, which ...
17 January 2023