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What inspection strategy for 2020?

In 2020, in addition to inspections following complaints, recent news topics and corrective ...
30 March 2020
Prix CNIL - INRIA 2019

Inria and the CNIL award the 2019 Privacy Protection prize to a European research team

The CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) and Inria have awarded the 2019 Privacy Protection prize...
23 January 2020

CNIL launches a public consultation on its draft recommendation on "cookies and other trackers"

As part of its action plan on advertising targeting, the CNIL is proposing a consultation on a draft...
21 January 2020

Facial recognition: for a debate living up to the challenges

Facial recognition is raising new questions about societal choices and, as such, interest in this ...
19 December 2019

The CNIL, a trusted ally in French citizens’ digital daily lives

In its new strategic roadmap, the CNIL has set five priorities up until 2021, with a view to better ...
10 December 2019

“Right to be forgotten”: the CJEU ruled on the issue

The CNIL takes note of the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding ...
24 September 2019