Discover the Incollables® 2020 quiz on privacy to challenge each other and showing off your knowledge in data protection

16 June 2021

In order to raise young people awareness of the protection of their privacy, the CNIL publishes a 60-question digital quiz called "Les Incollables® Keep you private life a secret!” designed in English to play online and test their knowledge by level of difficulty.

This version provides 60 updated questions and answers about children's and teenagers' online practices in a fun way, with practical advice. Parents and teachers can also make excellent educational use of it.

  • How to safely surf online, recognise sponsored advertising, spot false information or phishing messages?
  • How to manage your privacy settings on Facebook or Instagram, use strong passwords, react to account breaches or hacks?
  • How to behave in case of inappropriate, mocking or even threatening messages on social networks, and if you are a victim of cyber-bullying?
  • Who should you contact to have embarrassing or annoying photos removed, to have certain search results associated with your name and surname deleted from search engines, or to get help exercising your right of access to online platforms?

This Incoweb version of the Q & A quiz lends itself to a real online competition in which the player must answer multiple choice questions, can be timed, and is given a score out of 10, tells what to do next or congratulates them! The player is given the opportunity to replay the game to improve and test many other combinations.

The series of 10 questions in the online game are available in levels - easy - medium – expert adapted to each age group, and will become familiar to children, teenagers and parents as a way of learning how to behave online, how to better protect their privacy, enact digital rights online and contact the data protection authority for assistance.

You will find the set of the Incollables, humorously illustrated with the super hero "Mister Potatoe" created by Martin Vidberg used in CNIL’s illustrations.

Keep your private life a secret! produced in partnership with Éditions spéciales Play Bac.

The Incollables® 2020 quiz on privacy is also available in French (print fans in French can be sent on request to educnum[@]