“Your data, your rights”, a French-Korean poster to raise awareness among young people

06 May 2024

As part of the partnership between the CNIL and PIPC (South Korean data protection authority), which has been ongoing since October 2022, the Webtoon poster “Your data, your rights” aims to inform young people what they can do to protect their privacy.

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Webtoon-type illustrated media are significantly popular with young people.

Understanding legal concepts is not always easy.

Available in French, Korean, and English, the poster “Your data, your rights” informs, in a Korean Webtoon style, what personal data is, and the rights individuals have: access, rectification, opposition, erasure and portability. When reading this poster, young people will be informed of the fact that service providers must explain to them in a clear and plain language what is done with their personal data.


We hope to further expand the collaboration between the PIPC and CNIL, which has created synergy across a broad spectrum, including enhancing awareness.

Dr. Haksoo KO, PIPC’s Chairperson


Legislation is not completely identical between France and Korea, but people have the same rights and the same issues arise in our two countries.

Marie-Laure Denis, president of the CNIL


The PIPC and CNIL are planning to enhance their partnership to strengthen understanding of new technologies and to support capabilities of both authorities to address new challenges related to privacy.