Tag : Rights of Children

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Recommendation 1: Regulate the capacity of children to act online

Children represent one of the largest user groups of social networks. By creating an account and ...
10 August 2021

Recommendation 2: Encourage children to exercise their rights

There are several legal and practical reasons why children should be allowed to exercise their own ...
09 August 2021

Recommendation 3: Support parents with digital education

Parents are key when it comes to the digital education of children. But they need to be given ways ...
09 August 2021

Recommendation 4: Seek parental consent for children under 15

The law does to a certain degree accept a child's consent to the processing of data, accompanied by ...
09 August 2021

Recommendation 5: Promote parental controls that respect the child's privacy and best interests

Parental controls are a tool for protecting children online. However, the CNIL calls for vigilance ...
09 August 2021

Recommendation 6: Strengthen the information and rights of children by design

Everyone, even children, must be properly informed about how their data is used. This information ...
09 August 2021