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Sheet n°13: Prepare for the exercise of people’s rights

The persons whose data you process have rights on his or her data: right of access, to ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°14: Define a data retention period

Personal data cannot be kept for an indefinite period of time: this must be defined according to the...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°15: Take into account the legal basis in the technical implementation

Processing of personal data must be based on one of the “legal basis” mentioned in Article 6 of ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°0: Develop in compliance with the GDPR

Whether you work alone, are part of a team developing a project, manage a development team, or are a...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°16: Use analytics on your websites and applications

Audience measurement tools are used to obtain information about the navigation of visitors on a ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°1: Identify personal data

Understanding the notions of “personal data”, “purpose” and “processing” is essential ...
11 June 2020