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Sheet n°4: Manage your source code

Whatever the size of your project, it is highly recommended to use a source code management tool, ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°5: Make an informed choice of architecture

When designing the architecture of your application, you must identify personal data that will be ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°6: Secure your websites, applications and servers

Any website, application or server must incorporate basic state-of-the-art security rules, not only ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°7: Minimize the data collection

You shall only collect personal data that is adequate, relevant and necessary in relation to the ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°8: Manage user profiles

The way to manage profiles of your collaborators and your end-users must be thought out upstream of ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°09: Control your libraries and SDKs

Do you use libraries, SDKs, or other software components written by third parties? Here are a few ...
11 June 2020