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Sheet n°1: Identify personal data

Understanding the notions of “personal data”, “purpose” and “processing” is essential ...
11 June 2020
GDPR guide for developers

The CNIL publishes a GDPR guide for developers

In order to assist web and application developers in making their work GDPR-compliant, the CNIL has ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°2: Prepare your development

The principles of personal data protection must be integrated into IT developments from the design ...
11 June 2020

GDPR developer's guide

The Developer's Guide to GDPR provides a first approach to the main principles of GDPR and the ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°3: Secure your development environment

The security of production, development and continuous integration servers as well as developer ...
11 June 2020

Sheet n°4: Manage your source code

Whatever the size of your project, it is highly recommended to use a source code management tool, ...
11 June 2020