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Cookies: closure of the injunction issued against FACEBOOK

By decision of 11 July 2022, the CNIL's restricted committee closed the injunction issued on 31 ...
28 July 2022

Google Analytics and data transfers: how to make your analytics tool compliant with the GDPR?

The 10 February 2022, the CNIL, which was cooperating with its European counterparts, has issued and...
20 July 2022
Utilisation de Google Analytics

Q&A on the CNIL's formal notices concerning the use of Google Analytics

The CNIL has issued an order to comply to several organisations regarding the use of Google ...
20 July 2022

Cookies: the Council of State confirms the 2020 sanction imposed by the CNIL against Amazon

In its judgement of June 27 2022, the Council of State confirms the 35 million euro penalty imposed ...
28 June 2022

Cookies: The Council of State confirms the sanction imposed by the CNIL in 2020 on Google LLC and Google Ireland Limited

In its judgment of 28 January 2022, the Conseil d'État (French Council of State) confirmed the ...
28 January 2022

Cookies: FACEBOOK IRELAND LIMITED fined 60 million euros

On December 31, 2021, the restricted committee of the CNIL fined the company FACEBOOK IRELAND ...
06 January 2022