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Cookies: The Council of State confirms the sanction imposed by the CNIL in 2020 on Google LLC and Google Ireland Limited

In its judgment of 28 January 2022, the Conseil d'État (French Council of State) confirmed the ...
28 January 2022

Cookies: FACEBOOK IRELAND LIMITED fined 60 million euros

On December 31, 2021, the restricted committee of the CNIL fined the company FACEBOOK IRELAND ...
06 January 2022

Cookies: GOOGLE fined 150 million euros

On December 31, 2021, the CNIL fined GOOGLE a total of 150 million euros (90 million euros for ...
06 January 2022

Cookies: the CNIL fines GOOGLE a total of 150 million euros and FACEBOOK 60 million euros for non-compliance with French legislation

Following investigations, the CNIL noted that the websites facebook.com, google.fr and youtube.com ...
06 January 2022

Refusing cookies should be as easy as accepting them: the CNIL continues its action and issues new orders

Since May 2021, the CNIL issued orders to around sixty players that do not make refusing cookies as ...
14 December 2021
Alternatives cookies

Alternatives to third-party cookies: what consequences regarding consent?

This article is a courtesy translation of the original in French. In the event of any ...
23 November 2021