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What you need to know about the code of conduct

A code of conduct is a sectoral compliance tool that addresses the operational needs of ...
22 February 2022

What shall a code of conduct contain?

The content of a code of conduct is framed by the GDPR and by guidelines adopted by the European ...
22 February 2022

The monitoring body designated by the code of conduct

The proper application of a code by the adherents is regularly verified. The CNIL recalls the role ...
22 February 2022

How to get a code of conduct approved?

The drafts for national codes are examined and approved by the CNIL, whereas the draft for European ...
22 February 2022

Code of conduct: CNIL grants first accreditation to a monitoring body

The accreditation of a body in charge of monitoring the code of conduct is essential for the code to...
16 July 2021

The CNIL approves the first European code of conduct for cloud infrastructure service providers (IaaS)

This code, submitted by Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers Europe (CISPE), is focused on cloud ...
11 June 2021