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IA générative

Artificial intelligence: the action plan of the CNIL

In the face of recent news on artificial intelligence, and in particular so-called generative AIs ...
16 May 2023
Accompagnement renforcé

Enhanced support: the CNIL selects 3 digital companies with strong potential

The CNIL has selected the companies Contentsquare, Hugging Face and Lifen to benefit from enhanced ...
11 May 2023
Intelligence artificielle - caméras

Priority topics for investigations in 2023: "smart" cameras, mobile apps, bank and medical records

The CNIL carries out checks on the basis of complaints received, current events, but also annual ...
15 March 2023

The CNIL creates an Artificial Intelligence Department and begins to work on learning databases

The CNIL is creating an Artificial Intelligence Department to strengthen its expertise on these ...
26 January 2023

Introduction to the self-assessment guide for AI systems

The aim of the self-assessment guide on the following pages is to provide a reminder of the main ...
21 September 2022

Asking the right questions before using an artificial intelligence system

Proportional integration of AI, specifying a clear objective.
21 September 2022