Self-assessment guide for artificial intelligence (AI) systems

The CNIL offers organisations an analysis grid through which to assess by themselves the maturity of their artificial intelligence systems with regard to the GDPR. It also describes best practices that can be followed.

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IA - Guide d'auto-évaluation

Things to know before reading the guide


Asking the right questions before using an artificial intelligence system

Fact sheet 1

Proportional integration of AI, specifying a clear objective

Collecting and qualifying training data

Fact sheet 2

Compliance with the GDPR when collecting and compiling a quality database.

Developing and training an algorithm

Fact sheet 3

Implementing best practices during this crucial phase.

Using an AI system in production

Fact sheet 4

Guarenteeing the quality and transparency of the system when in use.

Securing the processing

Fact sheet 5

Analysing risks and preventing flaws and attacks.

Ensuring individuals can fully exercise their rights

Fact sheet 6

Promoting transparency and rights for end-users.

Achieving compliance

Fact sheet 7

Assigning responsabilities and documenting the processing.

Other guides, tools and best practices

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