PIA software: updates of the beta version

29 January 2018

The Cnil publishes a new beta version of its open source PIA software! Several bugs have been fixed and new features are available as well as four new languages.

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Who can use the PIA software?

Published last November, the beta of the PIA tool is constantly improved thanks to the inputs provided by its users. We have indeed received many user feedback that we have used to develop new features.

 Those include:

  • the availability in three new language (Czech, Dutch and Italian) of the tool, kindly translated by several users. If you wish to propose your own translation, we encourage you to read this tutorial;
  • a quick link has been added to switch from the display of the action plan and the PIA report;
  • an update made on the workflow to allow more flexibility in the process. You can now ask to cancel a request for evaluation or validation. The visual indicators of progress has been updated accordingly;
  • the activation of a copy/paste feature in the standalone version;
  • the release of a Window 32bits standalone version;
  • a change of the editing behavior of text fields;
  • a new feature to specify if the opinions of the data subjects have been sought;
  • an update of the comment system by adding a send button;
  • the possibility to change your preferred language on the landing page;
  • an update in the display of the PIA report;
  • an overall improvement of the code quality and technical structure of the tool.


Several bugs have also been fixed:

  • display issues;
  • the locking of the likelihood and gravity gauges when editing the PIA;
  • import issues;
  • the software crash when printing the PIA report;
  • validating the PIA is now available after an initial refusal;
  • various fix concerning the locking of section and text fields.

The new beta version of the PIA tool is available for download on the PIA webpage.  Available under a free license, anyone can contribute to the software by developing new features and share them with the community.

Still in its beta version, the PIA software will be updated in the incoming month. We recommend you to consult the help page would you encounter any issue. If you don’t find a relevant answer, you can ask your question on Github or send us your comment and suggestions via our contact form

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