The PIA software 2.0 available and growth of the PIA ecosystem

06 December 2018

A year after its first release, the PIA tool upgrades in the 2.0 version featuring PIA templates. Alongside this new version, a wiki has been published taking its content from the PIA-3 guide.

To celebrate its first anniversary and 130 000 downloads, the PIA tool includes a new feature for creating PIA templates. This feature has been imagined to facilitate the PIA management by allowing to customise the PIA in regard of one’s industry and to apply one template across several analysis. A template based on the PIA framework applied to IoT devices is already available in the tool.

In addition, several minor improvements and fixes have been added such as:

  • blocking the tool from being instantiated several times;
  • harmonization of graphic elements across the interface;
  • improvement of the PIA report display interface;
  • overall optimisation of the tool (stability, execution, better management of some behaviors, code refactoring, etc.).

This new version is also an opportunity to implement a new governance model for the Github repositories of the tool in order to ease the integration of the community contribution and to highlight the commitment of the contributors. For more information, we invite you to read the governance description, the contribution guide, the code of conduct and the roadmap for future developments of the tool.

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A tool recognized at the international level


One year after its publication, this GDPR accountability’s tool has been translated in 18 languages ! The PIA tool has received two “Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards” during the meeting of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) in Brussel.

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the PIA tool on the PIA webpage. If you experience any problems when using this version of the tool, please consult the user manual available in the software or refer to the FAQ. You can also get directly involved by freely contributing on Github.

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