Mission 1: informing and protecting

06 January 2021

The CNIL responds to the public, whether professionals or individuals, carries out communication campaigns and is particularly involved in digital education. It is also active in the press, on the internet and on social networks where it provides educational and practical tools tailored to its diverse audiences.



Informing and protecting - 2019 figures


The CNIL is invested with a general mission of information of the persons of the rights and answers the requests of the private individuals and the professionals.

It carries out communication actions for the general public through the press, its website, its presence on social networks or by providing educational tools.

Directly solicited by many organizations, companies or institutions to conduct training and awareness actions on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the CNIL also participates in symposiums, trade shows or conferences to inform and at the same time to be informed.

It federates a collective of more than 60 organizations that carry out actions in favor of digital education.


In the event of a complaint, the CNIL usually informs the data controller of the facts raised by the complainant so that, in the event of a breach, he or she can comply and respect data subjects’ rights.

Complaints are concerning:

  • the internet/telecom sector,
  • the commercial sector,
  • workplaces and human resources,
  • the banking sector,
  • civil liberties,
  • health sector,
  • etc.

Where more than one person wishes to file a complaint against the same organization, a class action may be brought through an association.


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