May 2018 updates for the PIA tool

31 May 2018

In order to help data controllers build and demonstrate compliance now that GDPR has become applicable, CNIL releases a new version of its PIA software to make it even more efficient and useful.

The PIA software is updated to make the privacy impact assessment more practical and to foster collaboration between stakeholders. The new features cover mainly the creation of the PIA report and on the tool’s workflow:

  • it is now possible to filter the information to be shown in the report ;
  • the PIA’s visual elements (risk overview, risk mapping, action plan overview) are now visible on the report page and available for download;
  • the action plan can be downloaded in csv format in order to easily follow up on its implementation and/or to include it in existing internal project management processes;
  • several improvements were made to the workflow and contextual information was enhanced, in order to clarify the PIA steps.

Moreover, the community contributes to improving the tool, by submitting language versions, by developing new functionalities or by sending feedback. The tool is now available in 14 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian and Greek) and six language versions have been proof checked by the data protection authorities of Germany (Bavaria), Italy, Finland, Hungary, Norway, and Poland. The tool is a forerunner of a new kind of collaboration between the European DPAs in creating and developing practical legal tools.

In addition, the following bugs have been fixed in version 1.6.3:

  • correcting the attachment download button;
  • correcting the display of content in the PIA report page;
  • correcting the activation of the DPO and concerned persons opinion page;
  • correcting the display of the PIA example in the menu;
  • making the PIA example available in the client/server version of the tool;
  • correcting the workflow behaviour when coming back to the edition mode;
  • correcting bugs in the update of section status;
  • code optimisation (better performance, etc.).

The new version of the PIA tool is available for download on the PIA webpage. If you experience any problems when using this version of the tool, please consult the user manual built-in the software, the help page or contact us. You can also get directly involved by freely contributing on Github.


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