Launch of 5th edition of CNIL-Inria Privacy Award

30 June 2020

The fifth edition of the CNIL-Inria "Privacy Protection" Award 2020 is open for submissions starting from July 1, 2020. It will reward a scientific paper on privacy and personal data protection published between January 2018 and June 2020.

Which works are concerned by the award?

The award is intended to promote research and to raise awareness among citizens and decision-makers on privacy and data protection issues.

Submitted papers must present work conducted at least in part in a research centre located inside the European Union and must aim at improving the protection of personal data and privacy.

The article must be written in French or English and describe a fundamental research result, a technical innovation, a didactic presentation of the state of the art, or an interdisciplinary approach. It should be possible to convey the substance of the contribution of the article in terms accessible to non-experts.

Possible topics include (without limitation):

  • privacy by design;
  • algorithm transparency;
  • privacy enhancing technologies (PETs);
  • anonymisation;
  • privacy risk analysis;
  • control on personal data;
  • accountability;
  • technical challenges and solutions to implement the GDPR.

How can I participate?

Applications must be submitted before 18 September 2020 at 23:59 CET on the Easychair system.

The rules of contest are available here.

To get more information about the award please use the following email address: prix.cnil-inria[at]

The jury will be made up of several members in privacy and data protection and co‑organised by two co‑presidents, Natalia Bielova (Inria, PRIVATICS team) and Francois Pellegrini (CNIL) with two vice‑presidents of the  jury, Nicolas Anciaux (Inria, PETRUS team) and Félicien Vallet (CNIL).

The members of the jury are: