The CNIL's Digital Innovation Lab publishes new studies on trackers and the advertising ecosystem

06 October 2020

LINC has analyzed the practices of the most popular websites in France. The results are published in a set of two articles made available on the LINC website.


View the advertising web with Ads.txt files

The Ads.txt file isused to combat advertising fraud on the web. It  contains the keys to visualize the relationships between the different actors of the advertising ecosystem. This study analyzes these complex links, the extent of which remains unknown to the general public.

View the advertising web with Sellers.json files

This study explains the existing relationships between online advertising companies and website publishers, through the inventory sales networks declared by the supply-side platform (SSP).

About LINC

The LINC is the CNIL's Digital Innovation Lab. It conducts:

  • a reflection, information and sharing on emerging trends in the use of digital technology and data;
  • experimentation and prototyping projects for tools, services or concepts based on data.

LINC offers a different perspective by highlighting the CNIL's innovation activities which, beyond its regulatory action, participates in and catalyzes debates on the issues linking ethics, freedoms, data and digital uses.

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