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Mobilitics, Season 2: Smartphones and Their Apps under the Microscope

27 January 2015

Three years ago, the CNIL (French data protection authority) and the Inria (Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation, France’s leading public research institution in digital technologies and computational sciences) decided to create a collaborative project aiming to better understand the digital ecosystem of smartphones. The recent results of this Mobilitics innovation and research project indicate that there are massive amounts of points of access to personal data that are...

First issue of CNIL IP Reports: “Privacy towards 2020” – 42 experts share their visions of the future of privacy with the French regulation authority

12 September 2013

The CNIL is publishing an English version of the first issue of a new series called ”IP reports”. Aimed at presenting and sharing results of studies and surveys lead by the Department of Studies, Innovation and Foresight, these IP reports will hopefully contribute to foster the debates around data protection and privacy. The first issue is dedicated to a synthesis of a broad forward-looking program on privacy, freedoms and personal data issues towards 2020. This “food-for-thoughts” was...

Privacy towards 2020

IP report

IP report

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