"To protect personal data, support innovation, preserve individual liberties"


  • The CNIL

    The Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) is responsible for ensuring that information technology remains at the service of citizens, and does not jeopardize human identity or breach human rights, privacy or individual or public liberties.

The CNIL is an independent administrative authority that operates in accordance with the data protection legislation. The independence of the CNIL is guaranteed on account of its composition and organisation. 

The CNIL operates in close collaboration with its European and international counterparts.

In addition to its information and awareness operations, the CNIL has an advisory capacity, a capacity to manage in situ and the capacity to operate administrative sanctions. It operates the network of data protection controllers. It analyses the effects of technological innovations on one’s privacy.

Any person can access the data that affects him/her in a file by making direct contact with those who are holding, and by obtaining a copy of it.

The essential about the CNIL

Edition Jully 2011




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